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Shilajit is mother nature's ultimate Super mineral supplement. Made from ancient, organic decomposed plants, this potent source of ionic minerals, supercharged with fulvic acid, and other phytochemicals, is widely considered by many to be the world's #1 ayurvedic medicine.  The most common benefits that people report are

  • increased energy
  • better athletic performance/recovery
  • improved cognitive function (less brain fog)
  • alleviation from mineral deficient health issues. 

Shilajit is found in the crevices and ledges of cliffs and other rock formations in high altitude mountains and is in the form of a solid resin.


A Message From The Founder


3X Spartan Race World Champion

"The World's Purest Most Potent Shilajit™"

Here's what makes U.S. Shilajit the best shilajit on Earth:

(1) START TO FINISH: We personally source, manufacture, bottle & package everything in-house. From cliff side to bottle, the shilajit never leaves our hands. This way we can ensure that the highest quality control standards are met.

(2) SOURCING: We only source quality shilajit from right here in the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America, from areas above sources of human pollution.

(3) MANUFACTURING: We are the first shilajit manufacturer in the world to achieve the standard of REMOVING over 99.9+% of any potentially harmful bacteria's, viruses, or mycotoxins such as fungus or mold spores that may be in the raw shilajit. We achieve this by running the shilajit through 4 separate 0.01-micron purifiers. Our shilajit also passes California's prop 65 standards for heavy metals.

(4) DEHYDRATION: We then freeze-dry our purified shilajit, which preserves more nutrients than any other method of dehydration. And unlike the more common standard of using heat and airflow to dehydrate down to a resin with an average of 15-25% water remaining, freeze-drying removes 97-98% of the water, resulting in and ultra-concentrated powder.

(5) FINAL PRODUCT: Then we mix the freeze-dried powder with a 10ppm colloidal silver to create a standardized liquid extract. This creates a very user-friendly product that is easy to take with you and use any time you wish. Simply put 10 drops in any liquid or directly under your tongue for the quickest absorption, and you'll have a 100 milligram serving of the World's Purest and Most Potent Freeze-dried Shilajit.


Our Mission

At U.S. Shilajit, we have a simple mission: To provide YOU with the World's Purest Most Potent Shilajit.

We've seen firsthand the incredible healing powers of shilajit, and we're dedicated to making it available to as many people as possible.

Whether you're after chronic symptom relief, deep healing and restoration, or increased athletic performance, U.S. Shilajit has you covered.


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