Supercharge Your Body With One of The Rarest Substances On Earth

Shilajit is an ancient and powerful super-mineral that takes more than 1,000 years for the mountains to form.

Until now, this legendary substance was found only high in the Himalayan and Tibetan mountains. But U.S. Shilajit has discovered the first ever authentic, Gold Grade shilajit in the great Rocky Mountains of Utah, and we're bringing the incredible health benefits to you.


✅ Better Sleep

✅ Raises Iron Levels

✅ Balances Hormones

✅ Clean & Natural Energy

✅ Increases Nutrient Absorption

✅ Enhances Athletic Performance

✅ Better Memory & Brain Function

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What Our Customers Are Saying

A Message From Our Co-Founder

Hobie Call

3x Spartan Race World Champion

"The World's Purest Most Potent Shilajit™"

A bold claim, we agree. But we don't make claims we can't back up.

Here's what makes U.S. Shilajit the best shilajit on Earth:

(1) START TO FINISH: We personally source, manufacture, bottle, & package everything in-house. From cliffside to bottle, our shilajit never leaves our hands. This way we can ensure that our quality control standards are met.

(2) SOURCING: We only collect genuine shilajit from areas above sources of human pollution. We personally document each place we collect from so you can see it as it actually exists in nature.

(3) MANUFACTURING: We purify to the highest standard in the industry. Most companies follow a basic filtering & heat-treating process (which can destroy precious nutrients) and leaves finer sediments and contaminants in the product. At U.S. Shilajit, we use a 7-step filtration process, followed by 4 separate .01 micron purifiers. This process removes 99.99+% of all harmful bacteria and viruses, enabling us to keep our shilajit 100% raw, 100% safe. It also removes the finest of sediments and contaminants, leaving us with the purest shilajit possible.  

(4) DEHYDRATION: Our freeze-drying process is the gold standard for dehydration. This process preserves the greatest amount of nutrients compared to any other dehydration method.

(5) FINAL PRODUCT: If you buy the powder (coming soon,) you will get the most concentrated form of shilajit possible.

For our liquid extract we add 6 grams of our freeze dried shilajit with .5 oz of a 10 ppm colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has excellent antibacterial/antiviral benefits which helps preserve the quality of your shilajit while you're using it. We also love the simplicity and convenience of the liquid extract.

Simply add 10 drops to water, coffee, tea
or your favorite drink and you're good to go.  


Our Mission

At U.S. Shilajit, we have a simple mission: to share the abundant health and vitality of shilajit with the world.

We've seen firsthand the incredible healing powers of our gold grade shilajit, and we're dedicated to making it available to as many people as possible.

Whether you're after chronic symptom relief, deep healing and restoration, or increased athletic performance, U.S. Shilajit has you covered.

*Free Next-Day Shipping Anywhere in the USA